Chicken pops

It has taken longer to post this follow up to my last post than originally intended, so I won’t go too indepth. What floors me most about the article is that people are unwilling to trust vaccines, but the will accept saliva from people on the internet. Also, I love that when told that shipping pathogens through the mail is illegal the response is to “just put it in a plastic baggie.

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Seriously people?

Don’t have alot of time, but seriously people? Chicken pops!? Details and a link to come later.

I should actually try to get some work done, so I am not going to discuss this at length right now, but here is the link promised.


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Logical Fallacies

A friend recently posted a link on common logical fallacies that are often used during emotionaly charged discussions. It gives some interesting insights into some of the methods and motivations that drive debates. What I really got out of it is some perspective into how I have treated my own personal debates in the past. Hopefully, I will be able to make an active effort to avoid some of these fallacies in future discussion. I would rather engage in constructive discussion over emotional debate. Granted, I cannot say that I will not engage in the occasional flame war online. Check out the article. It is pretty good.

-Ardent Cuttlefish

A quick edit: I want to add a few additional interpretations/extrapolations from this article. One, debate is not about conveying information. The goal is not to provide compeling evidence in support of a given argument. The goal is to emotionally manipulate an audience into agreeing that your argument is better. Furthermore, evidence can be detrimental to a debate as the individual presenting said evidence makes the assumption that the audience will understand it in the first place. The second major problem with debate as it is detailed in the article is that it causes discussions to become increasingly more polarized, generally causing it to become, let’s be honest, more insane. Just take a look a the current political debates.

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Up and Running

I finally have this place up and running. This first post will be pretty short as I do not have much on my mind tonight. It is getting reasonably late at this point, and damnit I am tired. That said, I want to see how everything looks with some “content” present. All that aside, anyone who has stumbled onto this page hoping for a blog on photograpy, sorry – I guess. This is not that blog. More posts to come in the next day or so. Enjoy.

-Ardent Cuttlefish

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